Welcome to my travel diary! We just spent two awesome weeks in The Netherlands, got incredibly lucky:

In June, the Dutch started accepting American tourists. We arrived in August, and a few days before returning home, the Dutch announced that America has way too much COVID, too risky! Taking a huge hit to their large & these days distressed tourism industry, they made an announcement:

To stop more COVID coming, all American visitors must prove vaccination AND quarantine 5 days on arrival, get tested & if positive, quarantine 5 more days. Yikes! So we got tested at a great storefront clinic that does nothing but COVID swabs. We tested negative: required to return to America. International travel is crazy complicated today!

I took pix of everything & more, lots of cool little details, not just the obvious “Here we were” pix. Too much to share on FB & I know WordPress from past use… here we are! I’ll keep adding stuff as long as I have some left: its fun!

I hope you enjoy it, that’s what makes this sort of thing spark!

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  1. Hello Greg,
    thank you for following my blog! Last year I started a training in geriatric care, but I had to terminate it, because of knee problems.Therefore it’s quiete interesting for me to read your blog. I had a few difficulties to find it. It would be fine if you would mention your blog in your Gravatar profile. Have a nice day and all the best, Volker.

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