Blog Two: Mea Culpa

It occurs to me that I recently argued that we should focus on our own positive action instead our anger about what others are doing, then I went on a lengthy rant -felt good to vent, but hypocritical as I’ve described.  So, here’s my positive for MLK Day – let’s speak up, demand from our government representatives the following:

– Substantive action,

– At least the minimal level of cooperation any democracy requires to function as such,

– The level of responsibility and civility we except from most all adults in America.

Let’s vote! and let’s voice our opinions to make our votes count for something.  E-mails are both convenient and useless: they’re just too easy to copy and spam and such to carry any weight beyond folks in a Press Conference showing off how many they got.  Snail mail is the way, at least in this case – its cost and inconvenience give it suasion, and I’ve read that U.S. Legislators have traditionally banked on two THOUSAND voters in their district having the same opinion as that in any one letter.  How’s that for amplifying your voice?

Don’t give up!!!

Published by Greg Mercer, MSN

A few years back, I offered & others as potential businesses. That went nowhere financially & life moved on, as did I. I took a few years off, focused fully on Real Life ventures, and now I’m second in nursing command on a Geriatrics floor at a Harvard teaching hospital entirely specialized in psychiatry. Having recently restarted on Twitter & FB, this time for entirely personal reasons, I realized that a WordPress blog would make a great place to show all the content that’s way too much to offer in FB or Twitter posts. Stuff like vacation photos, that sort of thing. So here we are! We’ll all find out how it will go as we go!

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