Welcome Back, Greg!!!

After a few years away, totally neglecting my domains, it turns out that Chinese pornographers have taken over my old main site, too bad realty as so much content & discussion was lost but then again, who is this great big world cared!

So… I start over, not gut business or self-promotion this time, entirely personal, a place to store & state stuff with family & friends that won’t fit well on FB or Twitter.

We’ll see how it goes…

Published by Greg Mercer, MSN

A few years back, I offered BigRedCarpetNursing.com & others as potential businesses. That went nowhere financially & life moved on, as did I. I took a few years off, focused fully on Real Life ventures, and now I’m second in nursing command on a Geriatrics floor at a Harvard teaching hospital entirely specialized in psychiatry. Having recently restarted on Twitter & FB, this time for entirely personal reasons, I realized that a WordPress blog would make a great place to show all the content that’s way too much to offer in FB or Twitter posts. Stuff like vacation photos, that sort of thing. So here we are! We’ll all find out how it will go as we go!

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