Leaving The Netherlands

Alas, all things end, and a vacation is no exception. It was a great trip but in the end, home is the place for us. It’s also where my income is…

Published by Greg Mercer, MSN

A few years back, I offered BigRedCarpetNursing.com & others as potential businesses. That went nowhere financially & life moved on, as did I. I took a few years off, focused fully on Real Life ventures, and now I’m second in nursing command on a Geriatrics floor at a Harvard teaching hospital entirely specialized in psychiatry. Having recently restarted on Twitter & FB, this time for entirely personal reasons, I realized that a WordPress blog would make a great place to show all the content that’s way too much to offer in FB or Twitter posts. Stuff like vacation photos, that sort of thing. So here we are! We’ll all find out how it will go as we go!

3 thoughts on “Leaving The Netherlands

  1. Did you see ANY of their Delta Works hydrological management network? America needs something VERY MUCH like that to protect against hurricanes, and other flooding type natural disasters!

    1. We didn’t really see much of the ocean at all. Agreed, they’ve been legendary at holding back water gut centuries, so it makes they’d add great new stuff. Plus they spend basically nothing on their military, bike LOTS of awesome infrastructure indeed: a separate road & parking system for bikes, fir instance. Amsterdam gets 350k bike commuters every workday, trains, buses, subway, hardly any cars, lots of road don’t even allow them & they like it that way. A calm, cooperative nation lacking rage. Awesome!

    2. And thanks for your great comment, it triggered nice thoughts! I was surprised to see any comments, I’ve had no time lately & the blog is still… primitive. Will get on it ASAP with Lots of Dutch pix & stories!

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