MOCO Museum!

Diving back into my Amsterdam Diary at a random spot… I went with the pix that called out first. The MOCO is a small modern art museum next to a really cool park. They were having a Banksy exhibit, plus a few other cool artists.

B could sure pack a lot into a simple image! Here he offers a guy maybe like him: doing graffiti that’s not at all the stereotypical Vandalist kind: uplifting street art!
Cop with a mean attitude yet harmless: this guy won’t up & kill you for no good reason. Not America…
Irony!!! Soldiers know: War Is Hell!
An awful pic, so sorry! MOCO has it’s own app!

I’d sure love to hear your thoughts on this stuff!

I’m still getting a feel for the new app user interface & how I’ll put this Diary together… it seems the planning & the doing will happen together, one step at a time. I like it that way, it’s fun! So Ta Ta for now, see you again soon, and thanks for visiting!

Published by Greg Mercer, MSN

A few years back, I offered & others as potential businesses. That went nowhere financially & life moved on, as did I. I took a few years off, focused fully on Real Life ventures, and now I’m second in nursing command on a Geriatrics floor at a Harvard teaching hospital entirely specialized in psychiatry. Having recently restarted on Twitter & FB, this time for entirely personal reasons, I realized that a WordPress blog would make a great place to show all the content that’s way too much to offer in FB or Twitter posts. Stuff like vacation photos, that sort of thing. So here we are! We’ll all find out how it will go as we go!

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