MOCO Museum!

Diving back into my Amsterdam Diary at a random spot… I went with the pix that called out first. The MOCO is a small modern art museum next to a really cool park. They were having a Banksy exhibit, plus a few other cool artists.

B could sure pack a lot into a simple image! Here he offers a guy maybe like him: doing graffiti that’s not at all the stereotypical Vandalist kind: uplifting street art!
Cop with a mean attitude yet harmless: this guy won’t up & kill you for no good reason. Not America…
Irony!!! Soldiers know: War Is Hell!
An awful pic, so sorry! MOCO has it’s own app!

I’d sure love to hear your thoughts on this stuff!

I’m still getting a feel for the new app user interface & how I’ll put this Diary together… it seems the planning & the doing will happen together, one step at a time. I like it that way, it’s fun! So Ta Ta for now, see you again soon, and thanks for visiting!

Published by Greg

This is my favorite place to share pictures and content widely, a small group of blogs shared via social media apps. Servers Rock started out as a tribute to the hard work and excellent service offered by underpaid and underrated restaurant employees I met in person. It quickly grew into much more: my personal place to offer authentic commentary based on on my personal interactions with facilities and their frontline staff. Since then I’ve started added additional commentary, while stick big strictly with my my model: I comment solely on places I attend personally and only offer comments when they’re warranted. Unless I keep this project real that way, it would lose all meaning. I plan to include other blogs in this group over time.

2 thoughts on “MOCO Museum!

  1. I guess the thing with Banksy is that he sees the damage that people, particularly people in authority, can do but against that he always sees through the lens of them and us.

    Us or we are innocent victims and they the authorities are always the bad guys. The truth is more nuanced isn’t it?

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