The Dutch really sweat details, as far as I could tell from our visit. On this travel blog I search through my photos for post inspirations. Today’s post is about random details. They were EVERYWHERE, and I took pix of lots of them as we passed by. I hope you’ll like them!

Why? Or better put, why not?
A COVID spacing notice
In the home of Van Gogh…. art. We were in line at the Anne Frank House
More COVID spacing
Lots of random stuff slapped on here & there
This stuff is typical
Even parks get details
Notice the trough to the right: that’s to make it easy to push a bike uphill

I’m glad I got back to this material! I have tons of photos left and they’re fun to sort through. Have a great day and I’ll be back with more of the same soon – Greg

Published by Greg

This is my favorite place to share pictures and content widely, a small group of blogs shared via social media apps. Servers Rock started out as a tribute to the hard work and excellent service offered by underpaid and underrated restaurant employees I met in person. It quickly grew into much more: my personal place to offer authentic commentary based on on my personal interactions with facilities and their frontline staff. Since then I’ve started added additional commentary, while stick big strictly with my my model: I comment solely on places I attend personally and only offer comments when they’re warranted. Unless I keep this project real that way, it would lose all meaning. I plan to include other blogs in this group over time.

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