The Dutch really sweat details, as far as I could tell from our visit. On this travel blog I search through my photos for post inspirations. Today’s post is about random details. They were EVERYWHERE, and I took pix of lots of them as we passed by. I hope you’ll like them!

Why? Or better put, why not?
A COVID spacing notice
In the home of Van Gogh…. art. We were in line at the Anne Frank House
More COVID spacing
Lots of random stuff slapped on here & there
This stuff is typical
Even parks get details
Notice the trough to the right: that’s to make it easy to push a bike uphill

I’m glad I got back to this material! I have tons of photos left and they’re fun to sort through. Have a great day and I’ll be back with more of the same soon – Greg

MOCO Museum!

Diving back into my Amsterdam Diary at a random spot… I went with the pix that called out first. The MOCO is a small modern art museum next to a really cool park. They were having a Banksy exhibit, plus a few other cool artists.

B could sure pack a lot into a simple image! Here he offers a guy maybe like him: doing graffiti that’s not at all the stereotypical Vandalist kind: uplifting street art!
Cop with a mean attitude yet harmless: this guy won’t up & kill you for no good reason. Not America…
Irony!!! Soldiers know: War Is Hell!
An awful pic, so sorry! MOCO has it’s own app!

I’d sure love to hear your thoughts on this stuff!

I’m still getting a feel for the new app user interface & how I’ll put this Diary together… it seems the planning & the doing will happen together, one step at a time. I like it that way, it’s fun! So Ta Ta for now, see you again soon, and thanks for visiting!

Bikes in The Netherlands: LOTS!!!

Before we came to Amsterdam, I’d heard that the Dutch like their bicycles, but I had NO IDEA just how much! We saw far more bikes than cars. About the size of Boston, Amsterdam gets 350,000 bike commuters DAILY.

It’s no surprise once you consider their infrastructure: cyclists get their own road system, almost totally separate from car roads. Where America puts four lanes for mixed cars & bikes, the Dutch put two car lanes, two bike lanes and room for trains & pedestrians too. Plus it’s flat everywhere: easy peasy!

Most folks skip helmets and bike clothes. Even children ride in their parents’ bikes:

A specialty bike to carry some kids or some cargo. The pink color of the bricks shows that this is a bike road.
Lots of variety!
No helmets!
A typical one-way bike lane. Another one on the other side of the street. Pedestrians beware: take a wrong step and you’ll apt to get hit by a bike!
A bike parking lot: they’re common.
Zillions of parked bikes at the train station in tiny Leiden. Notice they’re stacked in two stories to pack twice as many in.